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Second floor balcony with wicker rocking chairs an American flags overlooking ocean view.

Why Catalina Island Is Great for Remote Work

Post-Covid, remote work is more common than ever. Being able to hop on your computer and work from anywhere is an amazing feeling, and it feels even better when you do it from a beautiful location. Catalina Island is an awesome place to work remotely. Breathtaking scenery, excellent restaurants, and a myriad of fun things to do. Catalina Courtyard Suites is an excellent hotel to set up your workstation while you stay in Catalina. 

Catalina Courtyard Suites is a European-style boutique hotel that is just steps away from Avalon Bay. With stunning views and excellent grounds, you’ll feel relaxed during your stay. Most importantly, the wifi quality at Catalina Courtyard Suites is second to none. You’ll be able to work just as smoothly as you would from your own home, and you won’t need to worry about loud noise or disruptions in internet service. 

What better place to work remotely than Catalina Island? When you stay at the Catalina Courtyard Suites, you’ll feel like you’re on an exotic getaway. Working in an environment as good as this will improve your mood and productivity. 

If you want to open your laptop and go to work with a smile on your face, Catalina Courtyard Suites is the answer. 

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